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The Hope and Terror of the Gospel by Gary Chaffins

The following poem was submitted by Pastor Gary Chaffins:   The Hope and Terror of the Gospel – The Gospel, the message of hope. Come, be washed by His cleansing soap. His death, burial and resurrection Made ours by His sovereign election. – From dead in sin, to born again. Once the enemy, now made … Continue reading

25 Years of a Godly Pastor’s Ministry by David Dunham

Most readers will have never heard of my pastor. He’s not a famous, at least not in the sense that he is a celebrity pastor. On January 18th, however, our church celebrated his 25th anniversary. It was an occasion not merely to express thanks for his legacy and leading, but an occasion for me to … Continue reading


Resolved to Embrace Weakness by David Dunham

I am resolved to be more human in 2015. I am increasingly becoming more aware of the ways in which many people attempt to deny their humanity. We all experience our humanness in a diversity of ways, but common to all of us is the experience of weakness. We are prone to hate this feature … Continue reading


A Missionary’s Testimony

I heard recently that as a missionary, at least one local pastor was interested in hearing my testimony. Here it goes: To give the testimony I feel I need to give right now requires some jumping around, but I think it will make sense in the end. This will tell you the latest in my … Continue reading

Intergenerational Worship: Connecting All Generations in Worship and Service by Brett Wilson

I have always taken an interest in learning and listening from those older than me.  I think it stems from my father constantly reminding me that others’ experience and wisdom would be beneficial to me if I chose to listen and apply it, especially since most of what they had to share were discussions that … Continue reading


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